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MCCiLV has been successfully serving clients in the Las Vegas area for over 9 years
I want to thank all of my current clients for allowing me to serve their IT support needs.  Many of you have been with me for over 8 years.  I owe our success to you!  Thank you!



Providing cost effective solutions for your computer problems

Every office needs a computer "Geek", but no one wants them on the payroll.  Our concept is to let you "Rent-A-Geek" when you need one.  We are true consultants.  We do not sell hardware or software.  That means the solution we recommend is the one that is best for you, not for us.  We also want you to be as knowledgeable about your computer system as you want to be.  Our goal is to provide you with simple, cost effective solutions.  We believe the easiest way to keep things running smoothly is to keep things simple.  We guarantee our work.  If you are not satisfied with our work, you are not charged for our service.  We have been working with micro-computers and PC's for over 34 years. Let us help you find solutions for your computer problems.

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Internet connections
Over the last 10 years we have seen internet connections improve from the old dial-up modems, through DSL and T-1 lines to the current technology.  Clients often ask me what internet connection I recommend.  I use and recommend Cox Cable.  Their service is as fast as any in the Las Vega Valley.  My last speed test using their service showed 81.64 Mbps download speed and 6.20 Mbps upload speed.  That's hard to beat.  If you are still dealing with slow internet connections, let us help you find the right service for your company
Worried about security?
All of us are.  Each day it's a struggle to stay ahead of the security exploits and viruses.  We can show you how to minimize your exposure to security risks.  No system is perfect, but we can show you cost effective ways to secure your business office.

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